Shooting in Liege: the “Gunman” massacre | Europe News 30 May 2018

Liege Shooting, ‘Gunman’ attacks two policeman near a bar, read more..

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According to the interior minister, the man who killed two policemen
and a civilian in Liege, Belgium, had also killed the night before the attacks began.

A Belgian politician, Jan Jambon, claims that the assassin, named Benjamin Herman, had killed
even a man, a former prisoner, whom he met while in prison.

Among the many things that happened, the culprit took a cleaning lady hostage
before being killed by the police.

The man, the officials said, had shouted “Allah Akbar” several times during the attack.

Jambon says on the RTL radio that there are chances that Benjamin has been radicalized
right in the prison.

But concretely, what happened?

Shooting in Liege: the

It was Tuesday morning when, near a bar in the city center, when the man attacked two policemen,
one of 44 and the other of 55, stabbing them repeatedly from behind.

He also killed a 22-year-old man who was in a car nearby.

It all ended after the man took a staff member from a nearby school, taking him for a while
time hostage.

Fortunately, armed police with shields and bulletproof vests arrived on the scene
and they ended the misfortune.


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